Cellophane Bags

Cellophane is a natural product and is 100% completely biodegradable and is an eco-friendly non-pollutant.

Cellophane is a paper product made from the wood/pulp of cottonwood trees.

Cellophane has been manufactured continuously since the mid 1930s. Cellophane is used for all of the same uses as polypropylene with more success and longer lasting ability. As well as packaging of a variety of food items, there are also industrial application uses such as a base for self-adhesive tapes and scotch tape. Cellophane is also used in batteries, tubing, fiberglass, rubber, and numerous other forms of plastic.

Cellophane has excellent water vapor, gas, and fragrance barriers. It is also 100% FDA approved, contains a high gloss transparency, is oil and grease resistant, and is anti-static. Unlike, Polypropylene bags that do not contain a natural dead-fold, cellophane has excellent dead-fold characteristics and is much easier to wrap and manipulate and will not revert back to its natural design and structure.

Although cellophane is more costly to produce than polypropylene, its product consistency is far superior for the value. Cellophane has high permeability that allows moisture to pass through the product preventing condensation, which reduces the risk of mold. This gives items a longer shelf-life than other wrapping products, especially in the cigar world because cellophane’s permeability to moisture makes it the perfect product for this application, as cigars must be allowed to “breathe” while in storage.