Custom Features

You’re not limited to a plain plastic bag. Your bag can have these features and others.

How Can You Customize Your Bags?

You have a wide array of options at your disposal. You’re not limited to a plain plastic bag. With our proven process and technology, you’ll get exactly what you want. Your bag can have these features and others.

1-2 mil

Common film thickness range for your flexible packaging needs.  Non laminated structures are 1.2, 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 mil thickness.

3-5 mil

This range of film is generally laminated to give you the thickness and strength for your product needs.  Most of our stand up pouches use this thickness for strength and performance.

Cellophane & Polypropylene Bags

Cello & Poly bags have excellent clarity, they are moisture and oil resistant, they have unbeatable preservation of taste, and FDA approved.

Hang Holes

If you product will be displayed on a rack, then you will need a hang hole.  All of our flat and pouch bags can be made with this feature.


Zipper resealable is widely popular.  We can provide a zipper feature on flat and pouch bags.  Most zipper bags come with a tear notch for first time opening.

Vent Holes

Providing a breathing hole in bags is important for fruits and vegetables.  We can add to any sale of bag.


Most polyethylene bags in large quantities are molded to a wicket to allow single single bags to be pulled off one at a time.

Tamper Evident

Secure closure to ensure tamper proof.

Color Options

We can print spot colors, process printing and even digital.  Each printing style serves its own purpose and we will help you determine the best fit.