Custom Printed Bags

Have a unique custom bag in mind? Atlanta Cello & Poly can help you create a custom bag that works for you!

At Atlanta Cello and Poly, we don’t just make bags but assist you in custom branding, logo design, and graphics too.

Our goal is to help you design a branded bag to create an instant connection with your customers and keeps your product and company fresh in their memories.

Atlanta Cello and Poly prides itself on our trusted network of printers that are more than happy to help you meet your project deadlines. They have worked in every industry and understand how important custom branding is to create a long-lasting impression that builds strong relationships with your customers. .

How Our Process Works
Custom printing can be overwhelming at times however Atlanta Cello and Poly guides you through a straight forward process.  You will understand exactly what’s going on, even if you’ve never been involved in a process like this before.

Custom Printing Work Flow:

  1. Send your artwork, if you have it. Original PDF format is preferred. However, our graphic designers can work with what you have.
  2. You get a proof of the artwork and film measurements.
  3. You request revisions, offer feedback, and approve your artwork for use.
  4. Printed film is readied to be converted into your custom bags
  5. Your printed bags get shipped to you.

What Minimum Quantity is Required?
Unlike other companies who require high minimum quantities, we are happy to work with small minimums. The minimum depends on the poundage of film required, which depends on the size of you bag and film gauge.

Printing technology
Our printing technology consists of 8-color flexography press for spot printing and process color printing.  We have the ability to surface print or laminate your printed structure for better durability and film performance.

We also offer digital printing which has revolutionized the way the printing industry has viewed short to long run, full color and variable data printing. Digital printing does not require the processes of making plates or inking up the press. This reduces set-up time and labor, therefore lowering prep charges versus flexographic printing.

You’re Guaranteed to Feel Happy with Your Custom Printed Bag
What if something during the process doesn’t go quite right? For example, you make a mistake in communicating the exact PMS color. Or, you realize you didn’t really want what you indicated at first.  We’re happy to do whatever it takes to get you a custom printed bag you feel proud to present to your customers.

Find out how you can get free sample bags when you call 770.734.9626 or contact us online.

Custom Printing