Manufacturing Capabilities

If it involves cellophane or polypropylene bags, Atlanta Cello & Poly does it. Simple clear plastic is fine. Or, if you want complex and beautiful branding, we do that too.

Allow Atlanta Cello & Poly to be your partner and help build your brand

Your bag can be strategically made to show off your delicious food to eager customers’ eyes. It can also be made functional to hold heavy weight so a customer doesn’t have a frustrating experience with a bag that breaks and damages their product. You could also create unique branding to elicit a luxurious feeling from your customer.

Here’s our machines, their manufacturing capabilities, and what each means for you:

New Pouch Bag Machine

This machine allows you to make bags with pouches, which you often see holding candy, nuts, and other similar food products. Before having this machine, we weren’t able to make pouch bags. The machine’s superior zipper technology makes the packaging reclosable and more convenient for your customers. Other features include:

  • Makes plastic bags 1.5 – 14 mil thick
  • Bags with bottom or side gussets
  • Fin and lap seal capable
  • Web width max of 52 mm
  • INNO-LOK film conversion
  • Re-sealable tape

Polyethylene Bag Machines

  • Can make bags with handles for carrying
  • You can also create wicketed bags, which are held on a metal bracket that acts as a dispenser
  • Make almost any other kind of plastic bag

Local Quality Printing Partners Help You Print Colorful Logos

We’ve partnered with local printers for years. We know you can trust them to meet your deadline and help you create a colorful logo or other branding for your bags. They have an 8-color flexography press and years of professional experience that make it happen. Their machines can do spot printing (costs less, but gives you approximate colors) and process color printing (more expensive but gives you exact colors).

Digital Printing Capable

Digital printing does not require making plates or inking up a printing press. This cuts set-up time and labor, which lowers your costs and speeds up your production time.

Find out how you can get free sample bags when you call Atlanta Cello & Poly at 770.734.9626 or email