Our Customers

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can turn around products rapidly to better serve your marketing and delivery needs!

Ensuring a positive customer experience (CX) for you covers every aspect of what we do.  It is centered around our perception that every customer has a business and a brand, and we want to make sure it comes across in a certain way to their customers.

We Are Committed to:


Helping You Deliver Your Brand Promise

To your customers in the best possible light when selecting a bag for a product.


Having Help and Advice

Permanently on hand with the aim of supplying with easy to understand requirements, specifications, instruction and delivery.


Giving You Exactly What is Required For Your Business

Best bag, best design & printing, on time and on budget delivery and more.


Anticipate and Quickly Respond to Any Change

Each member of Atlanta Cello and Poly fully understands that packaging requirements can frequently change.

Who Orders from Atlanta Cello and Poly?

We take pride in working with that require updated packaging for optimal creative visibility, marketing, and ‘shelf presence.’


Who need bags manufactured to fulfill client.


Ordering bags for their clients..



Medium & Large Companies

We Provide:


Fast Turnaround

High Quality

Volume Production Capability

Creative Guidance

Excellent Customer Service

If Your Business Uses Plastic Bags, Atlanta Cello and Poly is Your Source

Let us assist you with your custom or wholesale requirements.

Our customers use our custom and stock bags for food, candy, popcorn, nuts, incense, pralines, cookies, and brittle. We can ship anywhere and can help with all aspects of your packaging needs from design, printing, packaging, or anything else you need.







“We have worked together now for 15 years, long enough to know that it takes a lot to impress me…but your Sales person always knows exactly what I need and comes to the table with a first-rate attitude and a great personality. It’s a pleasure doing (repeat) business with Atlanta cello & Poly!”


President and Founder of El Sabor

You Have Choices!

Your experience is the catalyst for helping us continually grow and improve! We welcome your reviews!

With social media and real-time interaction, we hope you will your positive experience with Atlanta Cello and Poly with others.

Tell us about your experience working with us, what worked best, and what we could do better.

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