Polypropylene Bags

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer product that is created from crude oil by the chemical industry and produced for a variety of different uses.

Polypropylene is smooth to the touch, resistant of oils and other solvents, and is the most often used in the flexible packaging market.

Polypropylene bags are suitable for products such as fruits that have been dried, nuts, cookies, spices, and chocolate. Other popular uses are found with photos, flower sleeves, portfolios, stationary, loudspeakers, carpets, potpourri, soap, gifts, and sterile products.

Polypropylene bags must be heat sealed, taped or tied for closure to protect the content enclosed within. Polypropylene does not have a natural dead-fold, like its counterpart cellophane does, so this can make closing of the bag tricky and sometimes rather difficult. Polypropylene bags can be sealed by use of heat, fabric, yarn, ribbon, or twist ties.

Some major advantages of polypropylene bags are that they are a great value for the money spent on them as opposed to the costs of cellophane. Polypropylene bags have excellent clarity, they are moisture and oil resistant, they have unbeatable preservation of taste, they are approved for food use, and are one of the best in regards to high resistance of temperature. Polypropylene bags are also stiff and stronger than other products found on the market.