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Why should I choose Atlanta Cello & Poly?

Unlike other custom bag manufacturers, we have a low minimum order quantities. You get the personal attention you expect from a small business, with the manufacturing capability of a large corporation.

We’re faster than the typical bag manufacturer. And we want to stay with you for years to come, so you have the stability and predictability you need.

How long has Atlanta Cello & Poly been in business?

Our roots started back in 1959 in Atlanta Georgia. We started with just two machines then and since then we have grown our manufacturing capabilities at a rapid pace.

What industries do you serve?

Since we’ve been around more than 58 years, we have experience successfully serving many industries. Including and not limited to companies with products in these categories:

Beans ⋅ Rice ⋅ Bread ⋅ Chips ⋅ Coffee ⋅ Distribution ⋅ Grilling ⋅ Confectionery ⋅ Cotton Candy ⋅ Ice ⋅ Meat ⋅ Medical ⋅ Microwavable ⋅ Pecan ⋅ Peanuts ⋅ Pharmaceuticals ⋅ Popcorn ⋅ Popsicle’s ⋅ Pretzels ⋅ Snacks ⋅ Spices ⋅ Stationary ⋅ Tortillas ⋅ Vegetables ⋅ Wholesale Rollstock

What types of bags do you make?

We make just about any bag you may need. You can get flat, gusseted, zipper, peel and seal, along with  stand-up pouches.  Our bags can be manufactured with any specific film barrier you are requiring.

What’s your minimum order quantity?

You’ll be happy to know our minimum quantity is much lower than practically everyone else in the industry. In most cases, it’s about 2,000 bags. We do this because we understand many companies start small and want to grow with someone they can trust.

Also, our overstock items are on sale at steep discounts from time-to-time.

How long does it take to produce my order?

1-2 weeks in most cases. Compare that to the industry average of 3-4 weeks for exactly the same process.

Can you make the bag I already have?

Yes. Replicating your existing bag isn’t a problem at all.  We request a sample if you are unsure of the film structure so we can get an exact match.

Can you help me create a new logo?

Sure. Whether you want to update yours or make your first one, we can help you do it.

How can I lower my price?

Ordering a larger order quantity can reduce your price per bag, reducing your bag’s thickness or choosing a different film reduces the cost. Also, if we are custom printing, limiting the colors will cut your costs.

Can I set up automatic orders?

Yes. Just let us know how many and how often.  In some cases we can stock your custom bags for a limited period of time.  Please call 770-734-9626 to learn more.

Are your bags environmentally friendly?

Yes. Both cellophane and polypropylene biodegrade over a period of time. Pure cellophane is the friendliest of choice and we have different varieties to choose from.

How much weight can my bag hold?

This depends on your bag size, film thickness, and the composite structure of the film. We can manufacture bags 12 inches wide by 24 inches long to as small as 1 inch wide by 3 inches long. Your bag can be made to support more than 50 pounds, if you want. This requires more material, which increases costs. So, make sure you choose the appropriate size for your products.

Is there any kind of custom bag you don’t make?

No. We make custom bags, you can get any kind of bag you want.

What are your bags shipped in?

Standard shipping boxes with liners. They keep your bags safe.  Orders weighing over 200 lbs generally ship by freight on pallets.

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